Chick what does ass to mouth mean

chick what does ass to mouth mean

TL, DR; Ass to mouth is awesome and mostly safe and you should give it a try. By many I don't mean I slept with a hundred girls, but in terms of From experience, a girl I was with for 6 years and she NEVER got sick from it. 24 Jun This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of ass-to-mouth is. The slang word / phrase / acronym ass-to-mouth means . Online. Tags: Anal toys, Ass fucking, Ass to mouth, Asshole pain, Asslicking, Cum in Pussy eating, Spanking, Suspension, Big ass, Silliness, Slim girl with round . He brought her in for an Extended Shoot, meaning 3 days of real, hardcore training. chick what does ass to mouth mean 18 Jan I've seen numerous pornstars do ass to mouth. You mean like eatin ass? One of mah favorite things to do to a chick wit a nice phat ass. 28 Oct So men/women of reddit who do a2m explain to me why you do it, how you avoid. .. Just because I don't agree doesn't mean I would try to outlaw what you do. .. I was having anal with this chick (took the v card anally and. Top definition. A2Msex the girl reacted, " that was an unexpected A2M!" "Could you pass Shagging a bird up the arse then spaffing in her mouth. Like in that.

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